Start up & Commission

Start-up & commissioning

Starting up and commissioning a dredger is a critical phase in every project. The success of the entire project largely depends on the efficient operation of the equipment. Our technicians have extensive experience with a wide range of dredgers and systems. They work closely with your team to ensure that your machine is commissioned quickly and efficiently.

Our services include:
  • System checks and testing: We perform thorough checks and tests to ensure that all systems of the dredge are functioning properly.
  • Commissioning and optimization: We commission and optimize the dredger to ensure it meets specifications and performance requirements.
  • Training and support: We provide operator training and support during the start-up phase to ensure they are well versed with the dredger and operating procedures.
  • Troubleshooting and repair: If any problems arise during the start-up or commissioning process, our experts are ready to act quickly and efficiently.
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