Machine Lifecycle Management

Machine condition inspections

Performing safety and technical inspections is crucial to ensure the proper functioning and operational integrity of dredging equipment. These inspections involve a full assessment of the installed components, including Hull, Dredge pump, Machinery, Electrical Systems, Hydraulics, Winches and Safety Equipment on board. By examining these components and systems, potential hazards and defects can be identified and addressed, minimizing the risk of accidents, environmental damage, and down time. Combining the well-being of your crew and the environment with efficient machine operation is key for success.
Machine Lifecycle Management

Dredger valuation

Planning on buying a pre-owned dredge, or selling your dredger? We use our >20 years of experience to inspect and valuate dredgers, make budget estimations on (dis)assembly, transport costs, required power supply, refurbishment, electrification, commissioning and training. Also life-cycle costs and depreciation is part of our expertise.

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