Concept design

EQvolve has 20+ years of experience in concept engineering for electrically driven heavy machinery such as dredging and mining equipment, drilling equipment, mining pumps and related markets. Years of experience combined with proven designs and innovative solutions is EQvolve’s roadmap to our customers success.
Typical deliveries after conceptual engineering:

- Market research

- Conceptual design and technical specifications

- Cost estimation

- Concept project schedule

- Sales presentations

Basic Engineering

During basic engineering phase, EQvolve refines the conceptual design into a final design resulting in detailed engineering drawings, calculations and documents. This basic design is optimized to efficiency, manufacturability, costs, weights, durability and environmental impact.
Typical deliveries after basic engineering:
  • Detailed engineering drawings, including plans and calculation reports.
  • Technical specifications for equipment.
  • Process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs).
  • Equipment datasheets and selected vendor drawings.

Project Management

Managing complex projects requires a high level of expertise and a structured approach to ensure objectives are achieved. We understand the challenges of such projects and have the necessary resources and experience to bring them to a successful conclusion.
Our approach starts with drawing up a detailed project plan. This is the strategic roadmap to successfully complete the project.

One of the core aspects of our approach is the organization of activities. Because projects often consist of several sub-processes that are closely connected, our team ensures that this is closely coordinated.

Why choose EQvolve for complex projects:
  • Industry knowledge: we have years of experience in the heavy machinery industry, which translates into a deep reservoir of insights and best practices
  • Expert in-house engineering team: experienced professionals with deep expertise in various aspects of project management.
  • One point of contact from A to Z – for simplified communication and increased efficiency.
  • Quality control – we implement strict quality control procedures to ensure that every aspect of the project meets the highest standards.

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