Machine Upgrades & Electrification

Machine Lifecycle Management

Machine Upgrades & Electrification

Machine upgrades ensure machine longevity.

Heavy mining machinery does contain a lot of steel structures which can last decades with only minor maintenance and repair. Key process components however, wear out over time and get out-dated.
Machine Lifecycle Management


EQvolve’s expertise in upgrading ensures that machinery will always meet the changing needs of your mining operation. Machine upgrades also contribute to the longevity and reliability of the installed machinery. In addition, machinery can be upgraded to increase machine capacity, digging depth or optimize performance in your mining operation.

Especially out dated electrical systems can lead to long down times because of availability of parts. EQvolve developed full electric machine upgrade packages to minimize the downtime and, at the same time upgrading your machine to state-of-the-art components and control software, including remote access and data analyses.

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